Akkordeonale 2011: Program

Cathrin Pfeifer

Akkordeonale 2011: Cathrin Pfeifer
Virtuosic fireworks for two hands

In her compositions, you can perceive Cathrin Pfeifer as a cosmopolitan full of love of life, poetry, openness and stylistic surprises. Her collaborations with musicians from different cultural spheres but also her experience with folk, rock, avant-garde, improvisational music, new music, classical music and theatre shape her style.

Cathrin Pfeifer integrates traces from most different regions from all over the world in her very own musical concept. In her compositions, the geographical and stylistic sources of her inspirations take on a life of their own, making it hard to locate their origins. She fascinates her audience already on four continents, surprising it with her very particular way of drawing out sounds from her accordion

Vladimir Denissenkov

Akkordeonale 2011: Vladimir Dennisenkov
Mother Russia explodes beyond the borders

Ukraine-born Vladimir Denissenkov is one of the stars of the post Soviet diaspora. He is a real heavy weight of Bajan, the Russian variant of the chromatic button accordion. Having established his reputation as accordionist at Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra and as a solo artist, he immigrated to Italy in 1995, where he’s known as a much sought-after and cherished musician. He performs solopieces (among others for theatre, cinema, ballet) as well as with his group “Guzulka”.

Vladimir Denissenkov leaves every academic theory behind and represents today an artistic musical authority at the edge of European world music. He does this in a selfwilled way, far from either a folkloristic or pure classical approach, whereby his virtuosity urges new blossoms from his musical material.

Estevão „Iduino“ Tavares

Akkordeonale 2011: Estevão „Iduino“ Tavares
Swift squeezebox music from Cape Verde

Estevao “Iduino” Tavares comes from Cape Verde. He plays “gaita”, as the diatonic button accordion is called there, which is inextricably bound to the Cape Verdian Funaná music.

In the beginning of the 20th century, the Portuguese brought the accordion to Cape Verde to infect the islanders with European music, which was considered to be vastly superior to African music. But exactly the contrary happened and a new typical African music evolved in which the accordion played the main role. Due to the socio-critical lyrics and the erotic temper of the dancing, the music was banned by the colonial authorities.

Since independence in1975, the Funaná has created a furore, not only on the isles of Cape Verde, but in dance halls world wide! Its spread is owed to the fact, that many people had to leave the islands for economic reasons and brought their music along. Estevao “Iduino” Tavares, raised with reggae music, played initially trumpet but then decided for the music of his homeland and the accordion. Together with his band “FerroGaita”, he is regarded as king of Funaná today.

Donatello Pisanello

Akkordeonale 2011: Donatello Pisanello
Sweeping energy from the south of Italy

Donatello Pisanello, born in Salento, is diatonic button accordion player, multi-instrumentalist, composer for film and theatre, script writer and journalist. On his organetto he plays the “pizzica”, here better known as tarantella. The poor southern farmers used music and dance initially for the ritual healing of diseases, which where supposedly caused by a tarantula’s bite (pizzica). The tarantula’s bite is considered to be a metaphor for emotional conditions like grief, depression or sexual frustration and the “bitten one” dances until he breaks down. Centuries-long occupation and Mediterranean influences have shaped the pizzica / tarantella, a music full of joy, passion and emotion.

Donatello Pisanello makes use of his endowment and talent to preserve, renew and enliven the music of his region. When he plays on mega events with his group “ZOÉ”, thousands dance the pizzica taranta.

Servais Haanen

Akkordeonale 2011: Servais Haanen
The Master of Fine Sounds from the Netherlands

Dutchman Servais Haanen, exceptional accordionist and musical contrarian, is string puller and organiser of the Akkordeonale. Among other things, he composes and arranges the festivals’ ensemble pieces and leads through the programme with a lot of humour and expertise. With the diatonic accordion he has made a name for himself as a sensitive musician and composer, who knows how to get to the heart of musical ideas and sharpen them to an essence.

Minimal respective structures and magnetically pulling melodies are characteristic of his sentient and poetic compositions. His accordion sets foot into spheres where it hasn’t yet had a place …

Accompanying musicians:

Akkordeonale 2011: Johanna Stein
Johanna Stein (Cello)

For the second time now, Johanna Stein enriches the Akkordeonale with her accompanying cello play. The Cologne based artist completed her classical studies at the Royal Scottish academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow, Scotland, followed by a master programme at the Conservatoire in Arnheim, Netherlands. She plays and arranges with a lot of love for her string quartet “Badz”.

Be it classical music, jazz, rock, pop, blues, fusion or world music – no style is foreign to her!

Akkordeonale 2011: Marco A. Fox
Marco A. Fox (Percussion)

Drummer and percussionist Marco Fox comes from Berlin. After his considerable experience in metal and funk bands, he discovered Brazilian music for himself and studied world music at the Conservatoire in Rotterdam.

In addition to Latin-American music, he’s also engaged in jazz, classical music from North India, electronic and oriental music. These broad musical horizons are reflected in his playing style