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Servais Haanen – Cataract

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Title Composer(s) Remarks Sound Sample
Jona's Cliff S. Haanen ... on a cliff in southern France overlooking the Garon River, where lovers have often met ...  
Golven in Bloemendaal S. Haanen Waves in Bloemendaal - a lovely dutch beach, idyllicaly wedged between busy wharves and iron smelters.  
Cataract S. Haanen/R. Oppermann I'm surprised at the way this chord progression transforms the music, for me, into intoxicating, cascading water.  
Janelas S. Haanen Windows of my life- I peer back through them, at what has happened with and because of me .. (Just because this piece is written in a minor key, does not mean that my life was full of despair — I also had some very happy moments!) Tonbeispiel
The Quint Essence (an impossible possibility) S. Haanen/R. Oppermann A stack of fifths- It may sound easy, but it‘s quite a stunt for a diatonic accordion and harp  
Fucking Ducks S. Haanen Inspired by the ducks in the Maastricht Park Pond. Tonbeispiel
Rue de l'école S. Haanen A winter abode in Alsace that became home-sweet-home.  
Blue reflexions with an open end S. Haanen ...This is about parting, for each his own ...  
Waltz is a 5 letter word S. Haanen From the wonderful world of waltzing, fleetingly notated between packing and moving. Tonbeispiel
Perpetuum Modale S.Haanen/R. Oppermann Based on a piece by my favorite composer, Simon Jeffes,who left enough music behind to fill my entire life. Tonbeispiel
Without a Caravan S. Haanen 50 quarter notes for the 50th Birthday of my friend Rüdiger Oppermann , a wayward traveler like me ... Contrary to the dutch cliché, I don´t own a caravan.  
Benoit S. Haanen An old friendship, lost in the drift of life. Still, a feeling of being connected remains Tonbeispiel
Menina os olhos verdes S. Haanen My first declaration of love to Kristine, the girl within her and her green eyes.  
Bonus Track: Cataract Club-Mix S. Haanen/R. Oppermann, Arr. R. Oppermann The Cataract in times of monsoon.....turn up the volume and dance!! Tonbeispiel