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Servais Haanen – Temporale

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Title Composer(s) Remarks Sound Sample
The Queue-Cutter S. Haanen ... is small, agile and witty. With a grin he always comes off well – until now...! Sound Sample
Waltz is a 5 letter word S. Haanen From the wonderful world of waltzes, fleetingly notated between packing and moving.  
Armonietta S. Haanen The well-tempered melodeon.  
Blaues für mein Herz S. Haanen Dearly beloved, everything is beautiful here, the people are nice, the food is good, but I am missing you terribly...!  
In between S. Haanen When, if not now? Where, if not here? Who, if not us?  
Tango Destino S. Haanen Destiny tango – the power of destiny can be treatening, as in life , but a relief, if one give up the fight, and let fate in.  
Roses 4 ever S. Haanen A candle light waltz – beauty of the moment with the recollection of the scent of soon withered roses...  
Les Olivettes S. Haanen A tribute to all cafes’ where there is still singing and dancing to live accordion music.  
Temporale S. Haanen An Italian storm by the seaside. Blue skies, but the mountain wind is pushing the blackness and the rain into the plains... there is no escape – we will be soaking wet, for sure! Sound Sample
Alba S. Haanen When hope is stronger than destiny (see Tango Destino)... Sound Sample
Ice Waltz trad., arr. S. Haanen The atmosphere of the old Dutch Masters. Skaters on frozen lakes and canals. Icy-cold weather, and you can hear that, back then, there wasn’t much to laugh about.  
Irgoli mezzo giorno S. Haanen At noon, 40 degrees Celsius in the shade, the air is stifling in the alleys, the asphalt wafts. A popular time for tourists to explore the small town...  
Gaivotas S. Haanen Seagulls over the Isle of Berlenga. Sound Sample