Cathrin Pfeifer Andrew Waite Zabou Guérin Alf Hågedal Servais Haanen Christoph Pfändler Kaya Meller

Akkordeonale 2022

Servais Haanen

Another word for ear candy?


As an indispensable event in (not only) the accordion scene, the Akkordeonale is celebrating its comeback after the Corona disruption with the instrument of unlimited possibilities: Accordion at its best!

A program full of sparkling temperament, esprit and spicy variety awaits the audience, peppered with highlights of the increasingly popular versatile surprise box. An extraordinary listening pleasure across cultures and styles:

Innovative world music full of joie de vivre, Scottish high-speed folk and masterful French key magic, Swedish vintage sound caprioles and Dutch sound aesthetics with the special coloring of dynamic Swiss dulcimer, groovy flugelhorn and a moderation that is already iconic.

Pulsating alternations of solos and ensemble pieces and the exciting interactions between the musicians are the heart of each Akkordeonale.

As different as the personalities, cultural backgrounds and playing styles may be - the common language of music creates a vibrant exchange that does not care about borders and dividing lines.

With improvisational talent, spontaneity and the passion to put on a great concert together, the manifold musical possibilities intertwine, putting forth something new, something never heard before.

A celebration of sounds! Virtuosic and full of spirit! Adrenalin and balm for the soul!

A most exceptional event!

See – Listen – Enjoy


Cathrin Pfeifer (Germany)
Enchantress on the Accordion
Andrew Waite (Scotland)
Zabou Guérin (France)
Colorful - Lively – Virtuosic
Alf Hågedal (Sweden)
Vintage Sound Caprioles
Servais Haanen (NL)
The Master of Fine Sounds
Christoph Pfändler (Switzerland)
Hammered Dulcimer
Kaya Meller (Poland)

About the Akkordeon

Af­fec­tion­ately known as squeeze­box, belly pinch­er, hell’s bel­lows, or asth­mat­ic worm, the ac­cor­di­on has at least as much charm as it has names.

And though many do love this in­stru­ment, play it them­selves or have one stowed away in the at­tic, few know about the wild ca­reer and the world wide in­flu­ence of this head­strong won­der-box.

Like almost no oth­er in­stru­ment, the ac­cor­di­on (in­ven­ted in 1829) has spread across fron­ti­ers and con­tin­ents at a breath­tak­ing pace.

Massively ex­por­ted to colon­ies and im­por­ted through the hand lug­gage of emig­rants, it has es­tab­lished it­self amongst mu­si­cians across the whole world.

It’s hard to talk of the ac­cor­di­on. The in­stru­ment has again and again been mod­i­fied, re­con­struc­ted, re­fined or been de­veloped, ac­cord­ing to loc­al needs, in­to a vari­ety of dif­fer­ent types of in­stru­ments, that dif­fer in size, sys­tem, form, pitch range and play­ing tech­nique.

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